Come Alive

Jourdan is excited to debut his first solo release Come Alive. Come Alive is part one of a three part trilogy about finding love, happiness, and believing in a dream. With a passion to create and make fairytales come to life, Jourdan shares his positive perspective through life stories with a dash of eclectic covers. Available now!

Come Alive Album Cover
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  • CDs: Only available at live shows*.
  • Merch: Come Alive and Jourdan Hines merch is available online through Band Camp
  • Come Alive handmade CDs
  • *Jourdan handmade a limited 160 copies of "Come Alive". Hand stamping, embossing, and coloring the covers on recycled cardboard CD holders. He wrote the tracklist by hand and designing the whole package from scratch. It's really a complete piece of art unto itself!


Born and raised on a mid-western dairy farm, Jourdan learned the importance of dedication and hard work. Applying this focus to his music, he combines positivity, philosophy, and passion to create a unique mix of originals inspired by life's lessons. Armed with an acoustic guitar and the two loves of his life by his side, Mary and their dog Jaya, this contemporary troubadour speaks from the heart and is ready to take the world on at large. He just completed his debut album Come Alive and is currently working on part two of his #FeelGoodMusic trilogy which is planned for release in early 2018.

"Growing up in rural Wisconsin it was inspiring to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and wide open spaces. I spent many summer days working on the farm with my dad carrying with me nothing but a tune and a smile. Because we lived in the country there weren't really any neighborhood kids to hang out with so I often occupied my free-time singing along with the radio and writing my own songs. Many evenings you could find me on the back porch with my guitar performing for an audience of cattle as the sun set."

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